folding-cartonPolytex Environmental Inks is pleased to announce the development of a new line of WB and UV curable flexo-applied, soft-touch coatings for the folding carton and packaging industry. The coatings are designed to provide a rich tactile sensation while offering comparatively durable product-resistance properties.

These coatings enable basic folding carton stock and most flexible packing substrates to have a lustrous, high-quality appearance. To the touch, these coatings have a soft, velvety feel and a satin-to-matte appearance.

These coatings can be altered to create a variety of feels, from a “rubbery grip” to a softer, “slipperier” feel with a more velvet-like appearance.

All commercially available soft-touch coatings are generally susceptible to burnishing and scuff. Although WB and UV are no exception, they nevertheless offer more resistance to this kind of damage than most other products.

As a global leader in environmentally sound and sensible inks, Polytex is now expanding and preparing to offer an even more comprehensive suite of printing industry products.

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