Which Inkjet Primer is Best?

Selecting the right primer is a key element in achieving quality digital printing. Please refer to the chart below for detailed information on our full range of primers.

Some items to consider:

  • Dye-based inks require a higher coat weight of primer, add approximately .5 pounds to figures in chart below.

  • If several flexo print units are available, it is advisable to use them in applying primers.

  • If adhesion is not available with primer alone (for instance, dyne level is below 38), it might be necessary to apply a thin film of an adhesion promoting primer (such as 7.4096) first, and then applying primer.

  • If digital printing is being done in-line, it is important to make sure primer is sufficiently dry in order to achieve a quality print. For in-line priming and printing, start with 150 FPM. Incrementally increase line speed, checking print quality as line speed increases. An improperly cured primer will present itself as a slurred image.

The chart below can be downloaded for easy reference.

Please contact Daybreak Digital for additional information regarding any specific questions you might have, or if you would like to consult with us on the best way to run a digital print job.

DescriptionApplication MethodDigital Ink System Solids %Target GSM
Target GSM
Code: 21.9
matte/satin wb Primer
flexo, rod, gravure, air knifeaqueous/uv inkjet48%3.5 – 46Good for all paper, some BOPP
Code: 21.3
matte/satin wb Primer
flexo, rod, gravure, air knifeaqueous/uv inkjet42%4 – 56 – 5Good for all paper,  BOPP
Code: 21.1
gloss wb primer
flexo, rod, gravure, air knifeaqueous/uv inkjet40%5 – 66 – 7Good for all paper, BOPP
Code: 21.4
satin wb primer
flexo, rod, gravure, air knifeuv inkjet/eco-colvent35%.5 – 1.5.5 – 1.5Good for paper, wide variety of filmic substrates. Also good as a first hit to establish adhesion and then subsequent application of primer.
Code: 7.4096
neutral wb clear
flexo, rod, gravure, air knifefor use as an adhesion primer25%.5 – 11This primer is good to use as a first hit to establish adhesion, and then a subsequent application of primer.
Code: 21.6
satin wb primer
flexo, rod, gravure, air knifeeco-solvent/solvent30%3 – 44 – 5
Code: 21.10
opaque white wb sealant
rod, gravure, air knifen/a55%8+8+For use as a sealant on non-woven and woven fabrics. This product provides a fine base for primer.


To assist in costing, please refer to this chart for coat weights. Some items to remember when costing primers:

  • Factor dry coat weight

  • Ream size is 3,000 sq. ft.

  • Use solids % to determine price

  • Add MSI cost of primer to MSI cost of substrate

  • Different substrates require different coat weights

Coat Weight (weight/area)

Pounds per MSIPounds per ReamGSM

If you would like to pre-qualify a primer for a particular job, or would like more specific information on what coat weight will work best for you, contact Daybreak Digital directly at [email protected].