Polytex Environmental Inks is pleased to announce the development of 21.4 flexo primer for inkjet overprinting. 21.4 is designed to convert conventional substrates to be receptive to various inkjet print process.

This new primer provides a receptive surface that will enable high-fidelity inkjet imprinting with minimal dot gain, excellent trap values and strong, vibrant colors.

In addition to facilitating excellent print characteristics, 21.4 provides an excellent bonding agent between the ink and the substrate. In particular, films like BOPP can be used with no worries of adhesion issues like scratch and scuffing.

21.4 also provides product resistant characteristics (like resistance to water, alcohol, mild detergents, etc.) on par with conventionally printed inks and is receptive to laminating films and overprint varnishes.

Converting substrate in-house is a much more economical way to realize profits.

As a global leader in environmentally sound and sensible inks, Polytex is now expanding and preparing to offer an even more comprehensive suite of printing industry products. Bob Waddington can be reached at www.daybreak-digital.com/contact, and at 718-402-3057 ext. 332.